what to consider before finding a wheelchair car for your needs

In market there is a huge competition for wheelchair cars it’s not easy for you to decide a vehicle for handicapped you can take help from people reviews or by looking comforts and requirements that can easily meet your goals for buying perfect Citroen mobility cars. Riding in the wrong type of vehicle can create a lot of discomfort and even pain. When you are transferred from your chair to the seat, there is the potential for unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and/or back. Shoulder pain is most common when moving yourself, while back pain is more common if a caregiver is transporting you.

Wheelchair cars for you

we have continued to demonstrate the very highest safety standards for our mobility vehicles by routinely carrying out extensive safety testing regimes at most of the UK's leading testing authorities including TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association), STATUS (Specialist Transport Advisory & Testing Utility Society at Manchester University), NAMAS and Millbrook Proving Ground with all of our compliance certifications being witnessed and fully accredited by our company to facilitate you with more comfort and feasibility that you require in your wheelchair car.

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